HaveYouMet App Design

My Role: Founding Product Designer

Duration: August 2023 - Present

Deliverables: End to end product design, AI Function Design, UI/UX, UX research

Team: 1 Product designer, 1 Product manager, 3 AI Engineers, Outsource engineer team


Living in NYC, we recognized a unique opportunity to transform the dating scene. Encountering the common frustrations of traditional dating apps—such as the endless back-and-forth messaging without real interaction or the challenge of initiating conversations and arranging meet-ups—we set out to create a solution.


A dating app powered by artificial intelligence, designed to simplify intentional dating.


About to be launched by the end of June, 2024

How AI works here
Your AI companion is focused on compatibility - we provide you with a customized list of suitors based on your desires, not some paywall or algorithm, injecting some magic into your feed to help you find your match.


“ Conversations to Nowhere”
9000+ app open
3000+ matches
100+ conversations
60% ends within in one message
“One-size-fits-all “filters”
Choice is an illusion in dating apps, where a narrow set of developer-defined preferences override users' unique desires. This one-size-fits-all “filters” not only ignores individual compatibility but also severely limits the potential for genuine connections.
“Match-to-meetup marathon”
Frustration arises when people want to meet in person but end up stuck in long messaging phases, which they see as a waste of time. When they finally meet, they often find the person isn't what they expected, despite the lengthy chats. This leads to the feeling that all that texting on dating apps is pointless.
The mission is to streamline the dating process by eliminating the tedious aspects of online dating, so customers can focus on real-life interactions.

Design Goals

Focus on real-life interactions
Simplifies the user journey, making the dating process more efficient and straightforward by eliminating user-to-user chatting.
Hassle-free experience
Using AI, we are able to not only find time that works for the two of you, but also make reservations based on your preferences.
Efficient profile building
Through natural language processing and AI interaction, our system not only helps users build better and more authentic profiles, but it also helps them to uncover their true wants and desires.

User research

User Study

Ideas to action

Key function Wireframes

Main screen






Upcoming Dates

Date Status

Based on our secondary research and user interviews, I created wireframes for the entire app to ensure the fundamental structure and usability are well-planned before diving into detailed design. Here are the wireframes for key features: matching, sending a date invite, and the AI assistant arranging the time and meetup spot.

User Study

No Chatting

“I invested a lot of effort into an online conversation, but upon meeting in person, he didn't live up to my expectations. It feels like all that energy and time were wasted. I wish we had met face-to-face sooner.”


With chatting being removed from the app, we had to commit to making date set up as simple as possible. It uses AI to set up dates, handle logistics like finding times, suggesting spots, and making reservations, thus reducing friction and focusing on real-life interactions.

One-click date set-up

“I don’t know when is the best time to ask a lady out for a meal or a one on one chat.”


Rather than simply sending "likes" and engaging in endless conversations like traditional dating apps, this app encourages users to directly invite others for in-person meetups. Users set their available time slots each week and choose preferred meetup neighborhoods in NYC. The AI assistant then coordinates schedules with potential matches and makes reservations based on shared preferences.

User generated preferences

“This one-size-fits-all “filters” not only ignores individual compatibility but also severely limits the potential for genuine connections.”


Users can share their dating preferences with our AI, which will generate customized preference tags tailored specifically to them. This ensures that users are matched with those who truly complement their unique personalities and desires, opening the door to more meaningful and lasting relationships

Unable to display app screens until the product is officially launched.

Moderated usability testing

We invited 5 working professionals and 2 college students to test our product, with each test lasting around 1 hour.
  1. Task 1: The participants complete their profile(onboarding)
    • dating preferences
    • written prompts
  2. Task 2: To send an invite
  3. Task 3: To conduct a conversation with “Brella” the AI assistant
  4. Task 4: Accept an invite
  5. Task 5: Check meetup info and send notes to the other party
  6. Task 6: To propose a new time on a pending invite
Findings from the testing
  • Action 1: Provide clear and direct call-to-action buttons for users when they complete their profile during onboarding.
  • Action 2: Animal test results from chatting with Brella can be more beneficial by providing complementary animal types, assigning animal tags to user’s profile, so they feel encouraged to take that test.
  • Action 3: Users completed onboarding experience with difficulty due to the inability to re-upload their photos after face verification
  • Action 4: Visuals on the timeline page: Currently, the page feels like a business schedule. It could be enhanced to create a more romantic atmosphere.

User to AI Interaction Workshop

Personalized Event and Meetup Spot Recommendations

"It's hard to find time and a place for dating with my busy schedule."


AI recommends events, meetup spots, or cafes based on user conversations, considering their hobbies, interests, daily activities, and passions. This personalized approach ensures that each suggestion aligns with what matters most to users and their dates, making every meetup meaningful and enjoyable.

My Tasks

  • Develop an opening conversation.
  • Design AI-driven conversations to engage users and encourage them to share more information.
  • Ensure conversations trigger user interests for better dating suggestions.
  • Limit conversations to 4-5 rounds.
  • Keep AI output concise for budget concerns.


Balancing business objectives and UI/UX design

As a product designer, I need to align design decisions with business goals, ensuring that user experiences not only delight users but also drive key metrics like engagement, conversion, and retention. This involves understanding the company's strategic priorities, communicating the value of user-centric design to stakeholders, and finding a middle ground where both business needs and user needs are met. By doing so, you create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly but also contribute to the company's overall success and growth.

Working as a sole design in the team

Prioritization: With many responsibilities on your plate, it's crucial to prioritize tasks effectively. Focus on high-impact projects that align with business goals and user needs.

Self-Reliance: As the sole designer, I must be self-reliant and proactive. Seek feedback from other team members and users to validate your designs and ensure they meet the required standards.